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Library of Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM)

The Library of Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM) is a specialized library that serves as the main resource centre for information references on statistics. It was established to support the function of the Department of Statistics Malaysia as a centre of the collection and dissemination of statistical information.

The aim of the library is to be an information hub and referral centre for statistical source and references of DOSM as a producer of national statistics entrusted with the responsibility to collect, interpret and disseminate latest and real time statistics in the monitoring of national economic performance and social development.

The DOSM Library has a diverse collection of materials with a focus on economics and statistics. The main collections of the Library are publications such as books, reports, statistical data published by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. In addition, there is also a collection of materials in the areas of management, motivation, technology, religion, education, annual government ministries/agencies reports and light reading materials.

Library Services

  1. Reference Services/Searching Assistance

  2. Book Loan Services

  3. Inter Library Loan

  4. pinjaman Berkelompok (PNM)

  5. Multimedia Service

Library Facilities

  1. Reading Lounge: Seating area available for use.

  2. Carrels : Carrel desks are provided for individual study

  3. PCs workstation: PCs are available for patrons to access OPAC and other online resources

  4. Photocopy services: Photocopying service is available for patrons to makes copies of articles and non-circulating item.

  5. Newspaper corner

Library Membership

The membership of the library is open to all staff members of the Department of Statistics, Malaysia at Headquarters (Putrajaya and Wisma Minlon), JP States and cadres’ members.

No membership fees apply. This registration allows members of the Department to use the library services and facilities. Government officials, university/colleges students (public or private), researchers and publics can visit the library for reference with a letter of authorization and fill their personal information in the Visitor's Book.


Internal Patron External Patron
Staff members of Department of Statistics in Headquarters, Wisma Minlon, Cadre and JP states. Government officials, private sectors, researcher, university students local and internationals, schools students and public.
*Official letters of supports from the university/school/employer is required.

Library Collection


The Library of Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM) has a diverse collection of materials with a greater focus on economics and statistics. The main collections of DOSM Library are monographs, books, reports, statistical data, annual reports published by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. In addition, there are numerous collections of materials in the areas of management, motivation, technology, religion and light reading materials.

Publications of both local government ministries and agencies as well as international publications were collected and housed in the library. The library collections were found in various types and formats such as monograph and books, atlas, encyclopaedia, yearbook, dictionaries, serials, periodicals, bulletin, reports, brochures, info graphics and electronic materials such as DVDs and CDs. The library collections and materials are classified into several collections as follows:

1. Open Shelf Collection

Open shelf collection is a collection of library materials that can be checked out from the Library. The collection consists of monographs, books, reports, statistical books of DOSM and other ministries/agencies, annual reports and magazine in various types of fields. General items and light reading materials also can be used for borrowing.

2. Reference Collection

Reference collection refers to reference books such Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Almanac, Conference papers and Proceedings, Biography and Directories. These are non-circulating items which can only be used within the library.

3. Nadir Collection

Nadir Collection refers to the publications issued before the 1950s and / or hard-to-get-away, print or out-of-print issues in the market. The collection of rare is a heritage of knowledge that contains important information on the socio-cultural, economic, language, religion, beliefs, and politics of the archipelago. There are non-circulating items and to be used within the library only. These items may be requested from the library staff on duty at the Circulation Counter.

4. United Nations/Overseas Collection

United Nations Collection refers to the print publications and audio video materials published by the United Nations’ agencies such as UNESCO, WHO, etc. The collection includes books, yearbook, annual report and serial collections. While the Overseas collection consists of printed and non-printed materials include books, statistical yearbook and reports from Asean countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and Iran. The statistical yearbooks also gathered in the Library are from Sweden, Finland, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

5. Periodical Collection

Periodicals collection refers to the print journals, magazines, annual reports and bulletins subscribed and donated from other institutions to the Library.

6. Multimedia Collection

Multimedia collection includes audio video materials, DVDs and CDs. There are non-circulating items and to be used within the library only. These items may be requested from the library staff on duty at the Circulation Counter.

7. Library Classification System

Library materials are organized according to the international standard classification system, "Dewey Decimal Classification" (DDC) as described follows:

Classification Guide

  • 000 - General Knowledge
  • 100 = Philosophy and Psychology
  • 200 = Religion
  • 300 = Social Sciences
  • 400 = Language
  • 500 = Science
  • 600 = Technology
  • 700 = Arts and Recreation
  • 800 = Literature
  • 900 = History and Geography

Rules and Policy

General Library Rules

  1. The library patrons should be decently attired.

  2. Silence should be observed in the Library.

  3. Eating and smoking are not allowed within library premises. Water in bottle or container is allowed

  4. Users need to ensure the safety of library materials and do not damage the library materials such as making notes, tasting, tearing, cutting and so on.

  5. All paper and waste must be disposed of in the waste basket provided.

  6. Place the used book on the trolley after used.

  7. Patrons who do not comply with the library rules and regulations or cause disturbances may be asked to leave the library by the library staff.

Loans, Returns and Renewal Policy

Loans, Returns and Renewal

  1. In order to qualify staff members of the DSOM to use the library services especially book loan, staff should become a member of the Library.

  2. Please present an identity card to allow the system to access ID patron to enable the material loan process to be made.

  3. For University / College students (public or private), researchers and the public can make references in the Library, with a formal letter of application for reference/research issued through their respective Institutions and fill out their personal information in the Library Visitor Record Book available.

  4. Patrons are responsible for library materials borrowed in their names.

  5. Borrower is liable for any loss or damage of the borrowed materials. Library materials damaged / dismissed by the borrower shall be replaced with the same materials or fines will be imposed on the borrower.

  6. Members of the Department who make material borrowings should not give the materials borrowed by third parties.

  7. Materials borrowed shall be returned before or on the appointed date.

  8. The Library reserves the right to recall any library item which is out on loan when the item is urgently required.

  9. Borrowers who wish to make a renewal need to notify the library before or on the day the materials should be returned.

  10. To renew the loan, the borrower must bring the book borrowed to the Library first to enable the library to review the physical condition of the material before it is allowed to be renewed.

  11. Renewal is not allowed if:

    1. - the book is overdue

    2. - the book is reserved by another patron

    3. - the book is being recalled by the Library

Email Reminders / Overdue Notice

  1. The Library system automatically sends email reminders to patrons for a book borrowed. Email reminders/ overdue notices are merely courtesy reminders.

  2. Patrons are advised to refer to the due date stamped on the Date Due slip in the book.

Loss and Damages to Library Materials

  1. Any losses and damages to library materials must be replaced by the borrower:

    1. A replacement copy (being the latest edition at the time of loss) at borrower's own expense

    2. Or the borrower pays the price of the current market price of the latest edition of the lost or damaged item.

Loss of Personal Items

  1. Library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property or valuables left within library premises. Please do not leave money, wallets, hand phones and other valuable items unattended.

Membership and Loan Policy

No. Library Collection Loan Elligibility Loan
Internal Members
1. Department of Statistics, Malaysia Publications 3pcs 2 weeks
2. Government Ministries/Agencies Publications 3pcs 2 weeks
3. United nation/Overseas Collection 2pcs 2 weeks
4. Magazines 3pcs 1 weeks
5. Conference Paper/Proceeding 3pcs 1 weeks
6. General Collection & Light Reading 3pcs 2 weeks
7. Buku Pinjaman Berkelompok (PNM) 2pcs 2 weeks
8. Examination Books/References 2pcs 2 weeks
9. References Collection (Encyclopaedias, Almanacs. Theses) References Only
10. External Members References Only

Inter Library Loan

Inter-Library Loan or (Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan) was launched on June 1998. Through this system, users can borrow and obtain the necessary materials from any participating institutions. Book Loans can be made using special forms available at the Library. All lending and return material rules are subject to the rules set by the Library or the institution.

Perkhidmatan Pinjaman Berkelompok

This service is provided by the National Library of Malaysia where a number of 300 light reading books are lent to the DOSM Library for a period of 3 months. All the terms and conditions of the loan are as prescribed by the National Library of Malaysia.

Opening Hours

Service Hours

Monday - Thursday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Friday 8.00 am - 12.15 pm
2.45 pm - 5.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday CLOSED

Library System

The V-lib system stands for the Virtual Library. It is a digital library management system for the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. VLIB is an online library system that has comprehensive features on library automation to cater for the needs of the users. The functions or activities that can be performed include OPAC, Cataloguing, Circulation, Patron Management, Reports and etc. The library users can access the library collections through V-Lib System by using the following address: http://vlib.stats.gov.my/ or via link of DOSM official website.

Contact Us

Perpustakaan Jabatan Perangkaan Aras 4, Block C6, Kompleks C, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62514 Putrajaya

Librarian Norsharyna Shafawi
Tel: 03 - 8885 7860
Email: sharyna.shafawi@stats.gov.my

Assistance Librarian Norhidayah Khamis
Tel: 03-8885 7342
Email norhidayah.khamis@jp.stats.gov.my

Perpustakaan Institut Latihan Statistik Malaysia Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia 35600 Sungkai,Perak
Assistant Librarian Officer: Suhaila Mohd. Amin
Tel: 05- 4066213
Email: suhaila@stats.gov.my